Old Grave Fest (VII)
Data: 12-13 october 2018
Ora: 15:00
Locatia: Club Fabrica, Bucharest
Pret: 140 lei (30 euro)

Detalii: Romanian Thrash Metal Club presents:
Pagan Altar (NWOBHM/Doom, UK)
Demilich (Technical Death Metal, Finland)
Arkhon Infaustus (Black/Death Metal, France)
Ranger (Heavy/Speed Metal, Finland)
Dawn of Winter (Traditional Doom Metal, Germany)
Malokarpatan (Black Metal, Slovakia)
Nocturnal Witch (Thrash/Black, Germany)
Phrenelith (Death Metal, Denmark)
Chevalier (Heavy Metal, Finland)
Eggs of Gomorrh (Black Metal, Switzerland)
Vultures Vengeance (Heavy Metal, Italy)
(more TBA)

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