Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 3rd Edition - Old Grave Fest
Data: 10-11 octombrie 2014
Ora: -
Locatia: Club Fabrica (Bucuresti, str. 11 Iunie, nr. 50)
Pret: 135-155 RON

Detalii: Romanian Thrash Metal Fest is probably the only festival in the world that is presented as a joint effort of the three main components of the scene: fans, bands and promoters. Romanian Thrash Metal Club aims to take things to the next level, where the false boundaries imposed by a bankrupt and dying industry melt down, bringing together under the same roof all participants primarily as fans that will play music, will jump around and will provide for themselves the services and comfort specific to this kind of event.

Manilla Road (Heavy Metal, USA)
Grave (Death Metal, Sweden)
Cancer (Death/Thrash, UK)
Desaster (Black/Thrash, Germany)
Root (Black Metal/Heavy Metal, Czech Republic)
Bombarder (Speed/Thrash, Serbia)
Sodomizer (Thrash/Heavy, Brazil)
Bolzer (Black/Death, Switzerland)
Slaughtered Priest (Black/Thrash, Greece)
Deathstorm (Thrash Metal, Austria)
Necrochakal (Black/Thrash, Greece)
Hellcannon (Thrash Metal, USA)
Obsessor (Thrash/Black, Germany)
Extirpation (Black/Thrash, Italy)
Vehementer (Black/Thrash, Serbia)

Titus Constantinescu
Private Hell Bar (Calea Grivitei, No.91, Bucharest)
Fabrica Club (11 Iunie, No.50, Bucharest)
Retro Pub (Fratii Buzesti, No.22, Craiova)

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