Old Grave Fest VI
Data: 13-14 October 2017
Ora: 17:00
Locatia: club Fabrica
Pret: 115 lei (26 euro)

Detalii: Romanian Thrash Metal Club is proud to present OLD GRAVE FEST 2017, the 6th edition of the only metal festival in Romania organized by a fan club, for fans, the festival where your money helps us fund the next edition.
NECROPHOBIC (Death/Black, Sweden)
GEHENNAH (Thrash/Black, Sweden)
EMBRACE OF THORNS (Black/Death, Greece)
UNDERGANG (Death Metal, Denmark)
EXTIRPATION (Thrash/Black, Italy)
BLACKEVIL (Thrash/Black, Germany)
ANGEL OF DAMNATION (Traditional Doom, Germany)
SARINVOMIT (Black/Thrash, Turkey)
KROSSBURST (Thrash/Black, Italy/Norway)
HELLRIPPER (Thrash/Black, UK)
+3 TBA Two days passes, at a price of 115 lei/26 eur, can be found at http://www.rtmc.ro/old-grave-fest-2017/tickets/, on www.iabilet.ro or directly from Romanian Thrash Metal Club members. More info: http://www.rtmc.ro/old-grave-fest-2016/faq-2016/

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