Metal Gates Festival 2018
Data: 16-18 nov 2018
Ora: 23:30
Locatia: Quantic Club - Bucharest
Pret: 150 lei (~32 EUR)

Detalii: Lineup so far in alphabetical order:
- A Taste Of Fear (Technical Thrash Death Metal, Italy)
- Abigail (Doom/Death Metal, Romania)
- Adimiron (Progressive Thrash/Death Metal, Italy)
- Aeonian Sorrow (Funeral Doom Metal, Finland/Greece)
- Clouds (Atmospheric Doom Metal, International)
- Crimena (Groove Metal/Metalcore, Romania)
- Distorted Force (Progressive/Heavy Metal, Greece)
- Doomas (Melodic Doom/Death Metal, Slovakia)
- Ocean Of Grief (Melodic Doom/Death Metal)
- Draconian (Gothic/Doom Metal, Sweden)
- October Tide (Melodic Doom/Death Metal, Sweden)
- Rotting Christ (Melodic Black Metal, Greece)
- Shining (Black Metal, Sweden)
- Vulture Industries (Avant-garde/Progressive Metal, Norway)
- When Plagues Collide (Deathcore/ Symphonic Metal, Belgium)

   Old Grave Fest (VII)
Data: 12-13 october 2018
Ora: 15:00
Locatia: Club Fabrica, Bucharest
Pret: 140 lei (30 euro)/75 lei (16 euro)

Detalii: Romanian Thrash Metal Club presents:
Pagan Altar (NWOBHM/Doom, UK)
Demilich (Technical Death Metal, Finland)
Arkhon Infaustus (Black/Death Metal, France)
Ranger (Heavy/Speed Metal, Finland)
Dawn of Winter (Traditional Doom Metal, Germany)
Malokarpatan (Black Metal, Slovakia)
Nocturnal Witch (Thrash/Black, Germany)
Phrenelith (Death Metal, Denmark)
Chevalier (Heavy Metal, Finland)
Eggs of Gomorrh (Black Metal, Switzerland)
Vultures Vengeance (Heavy Metal, Italy)
Nuclear Aggressor (Thrash Metal, Italy)
Nightbreed (Thrash Metal, Greece)
Speedrush (Thrash Metal, Greece)
Crossbone (Thrash Metal, Romania)
FUCK You DRACU (Punk, Romania)

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