Metal Gates Festival 2018
Data: 16-18 nov 2018
Ora: 23:30
Locatia: Quantic Club - Bucharest
Pret: 150 lei (~32 EUR)

Detalii: Lineup so far in alphabetical order:
- A Taste Of Fear (Technical Thrash Death Metal, Italy)
- Abigail (Doom/Death Metal, Romania)
- Adimiron (Progressive Thrash/Death Metal, Italy)
- Aeonian Sorrow (Funeral Doom Metal, Finland/Greece)
- Clouds (Atmospheric Doom Metal, International)
- Crimena (Groove Metal/Metalcore, Romania)
- Distorted Force (Progressive/Heavy Metal, Greece)
- Doomas (Melodic Doom/Death Metal, Slovakia)
- Ocean Of Grief (Melodic Doom/Death Metal)
- Draconian (Gothic/Doom Metal, Sweden)
- October Tide (Melodic Doom/Death Metal, Sweden)
- Rotting Christ (Melodic Black Metal, Greece)
- Shining (Black Metal, Sweden)
- Vulture Industries (Avant-garde/Progressive Metal, Norway)
- When Plagues Collide (Deathcore/ Symphonic Metal, Belgium)

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