General rules - Violating these rules may exclude you from this website :

  • No aggressive or unfriendly behavior anywhere on the site.
  • Do not upload our torrents to other trackers. You may be disabled
  • People trying to cheat their ratio will be banned.
  • Having more than one account on this site will get you banned.
  • DO NOT MAKE REQUESTS on the comments! Use the REQUEST area!
  • The minimum seeding time required for each torrent is 48 hours, which must be achieved in the first week after the torrent is completed. Also make sure you seed a torrent for at least 2-3 hours immediately after finishing the download. If any of these requirements is not met, it will be considered a "hit & run" and  you'll get a "warn" for the first time and a "punish" the second time; the third time you'll loose your account. Anytime you can check the hit&run list with your snatched torrents which doesn't meet the seed time requirements. The link is located into your profile and also into the main menu.
    Try to avoid to be over 40% because in that case  you are not meeting the community requirements and can be excluded from this website.

  • We have changed the rules for RECOMMENDED torrents. It is not mandatory anymore to seed 7 days, 3 days like a regular torrent is just enough.
    Anyway please seed at least 2-3 hours after completing in order to keep the torrent alive.
    Also seeding this torrents is giving you a lot of EXTRA seedpoints so it worth to seed longer!

  • We don't allow hit&run, even you have a good ratio! The second time you are caught not seeding you'll loose your download rights therefore you will be Punished.().
    If you are punished, be civilized and talk about it HERE
  • More detailed things can be reached into the FAQ page
  • Forums - Forum and comment rules :

  • Respect other users. :limbi:  . For both profile fields and community areas such as forums and comments don't post content consisting in any of racism, pornography, religious, political, gore or other things that are contradictory to common sense. Posting such content will get your right to post on forums and comments removed.
  • No requests for torrents in the forum or comments.
  • Posting warez links is forbidden.
  • Double posting is not allowed.
  • No flaming! This will be punished accordingly, between 1 to 4 weeks with a warning ()
  • Please try to be on topic! Remember, this will be punished also accordingly.
  • It is recommended [imgs=url.of.the.image] tag instead the usual [img] for pictures. Try to NOT post pictures hosted on servers without HTTPS
  • If you don't agree with a release, or you can't stand the band, please don't pollute the thread with garbage, insults etc! This behaviour will get you a WARNING!
  • Punishments - Automatic applications :

  • Autowarn. For users older than 14 days with a ratio below 0.2 and more than 2 GB download.
  • Autowarn Removal. If after 15 days you've reached 0.6 ratio it will be automatically removed.
  • Autodisable. If you registered here and after two months you still have a ratio below 0.3 you're gonna be automatically Autodisabled.
  • Prunning of account. If the account has less than 500 MB traffic in 8 weeks, it will be deleted..
  • In order to keep your account here we advise you to access this site as often as possible. If you don't access it for 60 days, your account will be deleted. Please note that torrent traffic is not considered site activity - you have to sign in !
    Remember, the minimum ratio allowed on this tracker is 0.4 !
  • Request - General rules :

  • The top consideration regarding a request is the fact that there are people willing to take the task of bringing you the much desired content you are requesting. You must show a respectful, caring attitude towards all users who fill a request. With this mindset you will have no issue understanding the request rules below.

  • Please formulate the request in English language so anyone willing the task can understand your demand.
  • You may have up to 4 requests registered at Requests area at a time. Unlimited only for VIP+

  • Don't make a request for content like:

    - nonexistent stuff / upcoming dvd's, albums.
    - torrents that are already on the tracker.
    - torrents already uploaded unless you want better quality / different format.
    - Romanian bands stuff. We usually do not allow such material here due to legal concerns.
    - stuff not relating to our website much (we share rock and metal music, guitar/drums/keyboard lessons material, you get the deal)

  • You should describe the content as accurate as possible. We recommend including links to websites on the web where the release is described properly.

    Anyone willing to take the task of getting you the content must be able to identify what you wanted accurately. Requests that have no link (URL) might be erased by staff if the description is not considered concise enough for the task to be doable.
  • If somebody will fill one of your requests you will get a PM from system and also an email. After you log in on RMT you MUST confirm or reset the request .

    Ignoring that message is an insult to the person who put his (her) time and dedication to do the task to your benefit.
  • Inviting friends - General Rules :

  • You have an account on this website because some people considered on whether you are adequate for membership here. Now it's your turn to do the same for other people who desire membership.

  • Invite only people you know and trust. Consider the nature of the website you invite people to and assess whether these people are adequate for membership.
  • Don't invite just everyone you can for the sake of it. Less means more. We run this website for passionate people who really desire membership.
  • You are welcome to exchange our invites on invites trade forums. Just be careful who you trade with.
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